‘I’m Still Using It’: Dollar General Wrapping Paper Misprints To Read ‘Sh*t’ Repeatedly

A woman went viral on TikTok after revealing a misprinted roll of wrapping paper she purchased from Dollar General, which led half of the roll to repeatedly read “shit.”

The video was uploaded by user Jenny Schmick (@yennybees), who unrolls the wrapping paper to reveal the mistake.

“So, I’m wrapping presents, right? And, like, it starts to do this,” she explains, showing the fading colors of the paper, which initially reads “Merry Christmas.” Schmick then flipped it all the way over, the paper devoid of color save for the repetition of three green letters that could be interpreted as profanity: “SHT.”

In the caption, Schmick noted that she still planned to use the wrapping paper. “Thanks for the laugh @dollargeneral . I’m still using it,” she wrote.

Schmick’s video has amassed over 6.3 million views since it was posted on Dec. 23, where it gave viewers a good laugh.

“I actually spit out my water laughing so hard,” one viewer wrote.

“This is hilarious I would love this,” a second said.

“hahahahaha I love that,” a third commented

Others praised the wrapping paper’s hilarious misprint.

“You hit the wrapping paper lotto with that! I call it a win!” one said.

“Oh SHT that is awesome. I would so use it,” a second agreed.

“Use it and if you don’t want it, give it to me. I’ll make use of it,” a third wrote.

Some commenters even offered suggestions for Schmick to put the paper to use.

“Use it for family members you dont like but still gifts to,” one person stated.

“Save it for someone you don’t like very much,” a second suggested.

“that’s the part you use for coworkers duh,” a third commented.

In a brief follow-up video, Schmick unveiled what she did with the wrapping paper. She still used it to wrap gifts but with a little extra humor. The TikToker filled in the space between “H” and “T” with hand-drawn holiday symbols, including candy canes, snowmen, and an “i” embellished with a Santa hat.

“My 15yr old will appreciate the effort,” she added in the comments.

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