‘I’d Rather Tip Them Than The Waiter’: Worker Reveals The Massive Pile Of Unwashed Dishes In Restaurant Kitchen

Within the past few years, the restaurant and service industry has become the subject of viral TikToks, TV series like The Bear on Hulu, and news stories discussing the everchanging issues of staff retention and post-pandemic stress.

In a video surpassing 1.1 million views, TikToker Sebastian (@sebastiansicajau) revealed a side of the business that most consumers don’t see: the kitchen.

With dishes stacked on the counters, floor, and any visible service, Sebastian pans the kitchen with his camera to show the destruction after a night of service. Fellow employees sprayed dishes and the floor and others put the clean dishes away.

In the comments section, most users agreed that the employees in the kitchen deserve more recognition.

“I’d rather tip them than the waiter,” one user said.

“I’m a waitress and all I can say is, they deserve the tips more than any waitress. I’ve done this job and know how the back burns from doing them dishes,” another shared.

“Hardest job in the food industry, most disrespected and under-appreciated. Def deserves more recognition, pay, tips, bonuses, free food etc,” a third user commented.

Sebastian’s account often shares other restaurant-related videos that expose the parts of service consumers don’t usually see. The location and name of the restaurant are unclear.

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