‘I’m Sorry I Forgot To Pack Half Your Order’: Dick’s Sporting Goods Worker Allegedly Gets Laid Off, Leaves Note In Package For Customer

A user on TikTok has amassed hundreds of thousands of views after claiming that a recently-fired Dick’s Sporting Goods worker left her a message in the box with her order.

According to TikToker Michelle (@michseifert), she placed an order from Dick’s Sporting Goods that arrived in two boxes. In one of the boxes, she found a note apologizing for the state of the packaging.

“I’m sorry I forgot to pack half your order,” the note reads. “We got fired and was stressed!”

The video currently has over 370,000 views.

While some comments speculated that the message reads “tired” instead of “fired,” many users ran with the idea that the employee had been fired.

“Aww it was probably layoffs,” wrote one user. For clarification, there is no evidence that Dick’s Sporting Goods is currently undergoing layoffs.

“Aw damn girly. I hope it gets better for her,” offered another.

Some took the comments section as an opportunity to share their own gripes with the store.

“She probably lost her job over the way they packed MY box,” said a commenter. “Ended up with a busted case of Gatorade pods and Gatorade bottle in a box that would’ve held an entire set of golf clubs.”

“I just got sneakers delivered from them today with a security tag still on them lol,” claimed a second.

“My Stanley I got from them came with a hydro flask bag on it,” alleged a third.

“Lmao i ordered from them and got one right shoe, no left,” stated a further TikToker.

On Trustpilot, Dick’s Sporting Goods has a rating of 1.5 stars out of 5, with many users pointing to shipping issues similar to those mentioned in the TikTok comments.

Still, it’s unclear what exactly happened in Michelle’s situation.

As she put it, “I have so many questions.”

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