Dad takes son on cute 15-minute coffee dates every day on the way to Pre-K to ease him into new routine

Children always find it difficult to adapt to sudden changes in the environment as can be the case with joining school or Pre-K. Spending time with parents during formative years can teach young kids a variety of life lessons, including how to treat others with respect. The main goal of the trips should be to deepen the link between the parent and kid while also making them enjoyable and occasionally informative. One story that's winning hearts on the internet is that of a father and his 4-year-old son. This cute father-son date routine has helped 4-year-old Luca to adjust to the significant change of starting school, but his father now considers it "the best 15 or 20 minutes of my day" and will keep doing it for years to come, he told "Good Morning America".

Luca's dad who enjoys these mini-dates said, "Luca is very routine-oriented and when he's about to do something new that's the uncomfortable piece for him so we sort of made a couple of different stops on the way to school just to ease his way into it one of those stops being at this coffee shop that was right around the corner from us." He further added, "We actually don't even need to make the order anymore they have my you know large cold brew what they call a baby Chino which was just steamed milk and like a little to-go coffee cup how that we do it I can't imagine not doing it my daughter goes to Pre-K three next year so I'll have two of them to do it with so maybe it'll take on a new life."

Additionally, while planning father-son activities, it's important to consider if both Dad and son will enjoy the day, particularly if you have teenage kids. They won't want to go on the outings again if they don't enjoy themselves. The main goal of the trips should be to deepen the link between the father and kid while also making them enjoyable and occasionally informative. Recently, a video shows a man engaging in some safe and enjoyable light wrestling with a pair of lads while trying to do the same with them is making people happy all over the internet. He may be seen throwing the boys on the plush bed and pillows while pretending to be a wrestler. The caption read, "Dad Has A Wrestling Match With His Boys."

The kids appear to be having a blast during the wrestling bout at home based on their laughs and giggles. On a soft bed, the man can be seen in the video putting one of the boys over his shoulder. The three are also shown grappling aggressively and hurling pillows at one another while showing no indications of wanting to quit. The little boys eventually take control of their older opponent and shout their victory over him.

Even more individuals in the comments section shared similar experiences they had. One Reddit user said, "Yep. I'm not even a father and I've been like that with my younger cousins and nephews. As long as I throw them somewhere soft, they want me to fling them as far as hard as I could." Another said, "Yeah I've tossed my little nieces around and they loved it. They're too big now, but good times throwing them in a pool or on a bed. Now, we have nerf gun wars." A third said, Dude at thanksgiving my dad and I arm wrestled and I won. Totally shifted so much in my mind. My dad is like 6’5 280 pounds. And a huge frame. And beating him at that moment was like “I’m da captain now”.

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