Dad Of 7 Is About To Get A Life-Saving Heart Transplant. Instead, His Flight Is Cancelled

Most of us learn about the notion of stepparents early in life. They’re in our fairy tales and are often portrayed as uncaring people — or even evil ones — who actively seek to make their stepchildren's lives harder. Thankfully, though, there are stepparents in the real world who are the complete opposite.
One little girl is lucky enough to have not just a stepfather but a bonus dad, who went above and beyond to proclaim his love for her in a very public and legal way when he showed up at her school to let her know he had officially adopted her.

This dad describes his family as the modern day Brady Bunch.

The man behind the TikTok account @Dadandboujiee describes their family as the “modern day Brady bunch.” And like the Brady dad, he wanted his bonus daughter to have his last name. He did so by legally adopting her and then surprising her with the news at school.

He said he gave his bonus daughter his heart five years ago.

In a TikTok, the text reads: “Surprising our daughter with her new last name. #StepChildAdoption.”

The father turns toward the camera to show viewers a sign that reads, “I gave you my heart 5 years ago & now I give you my last name.”

His wife steps forward with another sign that reads, “It’s official!! Camryn Rousell.”

There were definitely tears.

In the next scene, we see Camryn walking down the school hallway toward her parents. As she gets closer and is able to make out the words on the signs, she becomes increasingly emotional.

When she reaches her bonus dad, she jumps into his arms. Both dad and daughter are crying. Then mom comes in for a hug, also crying.

Dad, daughter and mom weren't the only ones crying.

The video's caption reads, “If y’all looked into that baby’s eyes, you would be ugly crying too.” Apparently, the more than 6 million viewers didn’t need to see her eyes. Many were overcome with emotion as well.

“Dammit. Now I have to walk into the house from my truck and have to explain why I’m teared up to the wife,” one user wrote.

Another user summed it up perfectly, “You’re not a stepdad, you’re the dad that stepped up!”

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