‘Y’all Coming In Here Damn Near Broke, But Trying To Get An Iphone’: Cricket Wireless Worker Shares ‘Icks’ About The Job

A Cricket Wireless employee recently jumped on a TikTok trend and shared various “icks” about his job.

In a nearly 3-minute video posted to TikTok, user @heauxislife runs through a number of issues he has with both the store’s customers and the store itself. As of publication, his video has over 133,000 views.

The TikToker says his first “ick” is when people call the store and ask him to do things “that you can literally do on your phone.”

“And when I tell you that it would be easier for you to do it on your phone, you’ll reply back and say, ‘So, I can’t come up there and do it?’” he continues. “First of all, it’s some shit that requires you to enter your personal information. I’m sorry, I don’t know you.”

The second “ick,” he says, is when customers ask about one of Cricket’s cheapest cell phone plans—which is $30 per month—and proceed to question whether a free phone comes with it.

“You get the free phone from off the corner,” he quips. “Call Barack and ask him for the Obama phone because that’s where you get the free phones from.”

Thirdly, he says that customers don’t want the free phones that are available to them. “So [you’re] begging and choosing,” he claims. “It don’t work like that. You take what you’re given”

@heauxislife goes on to list several more “icks,” including customers who ask when the store closes despite there being an hours of operations sign on the window and the fact that the store’s thermostat doesn’t work.

He closes with one last “ick,” though: “Y’all come in here damn near broke, but trying to get an iPhone,” he says. “Your priorities is fucked up.”

In the comments, many users empathized—or laughed alongside—@heauxislife’s list of “icks.”

“You been wanting to do this,” said one user, who followed their comment with a string of laughing emojis. “I can tell.”

“‘You get the free phone off the corner.’ DAWGG,” wrote a second viewer.

“Why was I weak before the video even started?” questioned another TikToker.

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