‘I Thought It Was A Look Of Amazement On Her Face When I Handed Her A New Apple Watch’: Man Says He Gave Co-Worker Apple Watch For Secret Santa. She Gave It Back Because It Was Wrong Series

A man said that his co-worker declined his Apple Watch present during a Secret Santa gift exchange because it was “the wrong series” in a now-viral TikTok.

In the video posted by user @star_hollywood, he showed an Apple Watch lying on his bed. He said his work “drew names” for Secret Santa, and he got a “girl name.”

On the day of his company’s holiday party, he gave a Series 3 Apple Watch to his co-worker. In the clip, he said that he thought she had “a look of amazement on her face” but was unfortunately proven wrong.

“‘I really appreciate it, but I don’t want to waste your money,'” @star_hollywood said his co-worker told him. “‘I’m really hoping to get a Series 8.'”

This left the TikToker “puzzled.” Despite the Apple Watch not being the series the co-worker wanted, he said he believed that “it’s the thought that counts.”

@star_hollywood was upset by the rejection, claiming the gift “wasn’t good enough” and her refusal of the watch was “messed up.” He picked up the unopened watch and turned it around.

“Some people so ungrateful,” he concluded.

The video amassed 2.4 million views by Tuesday, with viewers sharing what his co-worker should’ve done.

“She could have got store credit and put the rest with it to get her series 8. Like honestly, that was a blessing,” one viewer said.

“She could’ve politely took that series 3 and traded it in or sold it for a series 8 and went on bout both they business!!” a second commented.

“Well then she can use this as a trade in towards the series 8 and pay on her own,” another wrote.

Some even shared what they would’ve done in his co-worker’s shoes.

“I would [be] happy just because who would give a whole Apple Watch for secret Santa. Regardless of the series,” one said.

“I would of took the series 3 and went bout my business thank you sir,” a second agreed.

However, others didn’t believe that his co-worker was being “ungrateful.”

“idk if this being ungrateful… it sounds like she was already looking to get her own watch that is exactly what we wanted. at least she was polite,” one person wrote.

“Not unappreciative…she said she wanted a series 8…so maybe she was already planning on getting one and was never going to wear the one you bought,” a second concurred.

One even blamed @star_hollywood, believing he was the one in the wrong.

“I feel like this was you trying to impress her but I feel like you went too far,” they wrote. “She is a co-worker not a family member or a girl you would date.”

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