Couple's Pup Disappeared In 2006; 14 Years Later They Learn He's 250 Miles Away & Homeless

Many years ago, Aaron Webster brought home a very special birthday present for his wife: an adorable 5-pound Yorkshire terrier mix named Remi.
But when Remi was still just a puppy, he went missing from their yard in Houston, Texas. Their hearts were completely broken.

Since Remi was so small, Aaron and his wife feared a hawk had gotten him. They spent the next year desperately searching for him but eventually lost hope; they resigned themselves to the thought of never seeing him again.

Fast-forward nearly 14 years later to January 2020, when someone spotted a small dog all alone on the side of the road and in desperate need of help.

The dog was picked up by the local animal control, then taken to McKenzie Smith of Saving Hope Animal Rescue.

McKenzie could tell this dog had been through so much, but his past was unclear. He was blind, he had open wounds on his face, he had lost most of his fur, and he had no teeth. It was obvious he'd been "beaten down by life."

You do not want to miss the incredible (and unbelievable) story of fate that spans 250 miles and an unbreakable connection.

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