‘& I’d Still Have To Serve It’: Starbucks Worker Exposes Cold Brew While ‘Looking For Flies’

An alleged Starbucks worker filmed herself running a spoon through a liquid in an uncovered container, reportedly looking for any flies that might have fallen inside.

Accompanying the footage, which managed to accumulate over 4.4 million views, is an overlay text that reads, “looking for flies in the cold brew.”

The barista, Karly (@biggaygiantt) claimed she would “still have to serve” the cold brew if she found flies.

The video was originally posted on Nov. 30 and has since gone viral, with many viewers expressing their disgust in the comments section. “I’m never consuming anything again,” one said.

This isn’t the first time Starbucks has been under fire on the video-sharing platform specifically for flies. Customers have filmed flies swarming the pastry display case in the past. Baristas under these videos argued that flies in the case, however, are not a big deal given those pastries are just for show and don’t get served to customers.

Furthermore, Karly’s video wasn’t enough to deter some folks from ordering cold brew.

“I’m vegan. i need all the protein i can get. oat milk is not enough,” one commenter said in jest.

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