‘Starbucks Just Gives More Hours’: Chipotle Gives Workers Chipotle-themed Speaker For Christmas Gift

A Chipotle worker says the company gave her a Chipotle-themed speaker as a Christmas gift — but she’s not upset about it.

The worker, Amiannah Martinez (@amiannah_martinez), posted a TikTok showing off her gift. As of Tuesday, the video was viewed more than 1.4 million times.

“What Chipotle gives their workers for a Christmas gift…” the video’s on-screen text says.

The speaker is brown and has the same white design on it as Chipotle’s paper to-go bags. The center features a small red square with the Chipotle logo in white.

“What a cute speaker!!!” Martinez says in the video’s caption, adding a laughing emoji and the hashtags #chipotleislife, #college student, and #welovechipotle.

Several viewers admired the gift and commented their approval of Chipotle’s self-promotion.

“That’s actually fire ngl,” one viewer commented.

“I want one!!!!” another wrote.

Some viewers speculated that the speaker appeared to be a custom edition from the popular Bluetooth speaker brand JBL. Other viewers complained that they have never been gifted anything that nice at their own retail or fast food jobs.

“Bruh walmart gives you a Christmas card that only has a photo of the supervisors on it,” one user wrote.

“Better than Pizza or a $20 gift card,” a second commented.

“Starbucks just gives more hours,” a third wrote.

Many commenters said their jobs never gift them anything at all.

“Wait y’all’s jobs are giving you gifts,” one viewer asked.

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