‘They Got Me Messed Up’: Customer Claims Chipotle Won’t Let Customers Get Fajita Veggies On Their Quesadilla After ‘Hack’ Goes Viral

A Chipotle customer recently claimed that the chain wouldn’t let her order a food “hack” popularized on TikTok.

In a video from user Dime (@dimeyybaby), the customer says she attempted to order an off-menu item popularized by another TikToker, Keith Lee (@keith_lee125). In Lee’s video, he orders a steak quesadilla with extra cheese and fajita veggies. He then dips the quesadilla in a mixture of Chipotle’s sour cream and vinaigrette.

Dime, however, says the location she ordered at wouldn’t allow her to add fajita veggies to her quesadilla. “Y’all, all of a sudden, Chipotle won’t let you get fajita veggies on your quesadilla,” she says in the clip.

Her attempt at skirting Chipotle’s rules didn’t work out, either.

“So what I was going to do was take the fajita veggies from my burrito bowl and the vinaigrette so I could have it like Keith did it,” she explains. “Tell me why they didn’t give me no fajita veggies in my burrito bowl and they gave me no vinaigrette. Like, totally played me. They got me messed up.”

As of publication, her video has over 28,900 views.

It’s unclear whether Chipotle messed up her order or if it’s now refusing to let customers order meat and veggies in their quesadillas.

Still, other customers said that they’ve also been denied certain items from the restaurant.

“Baby, they hating,” wrote one user. “They wouldn’t even let me get the dang quesadilla lol.”

“They gave it to me on the side, but like whyyy,” commented a second viewer.

“I’m ‘bout to just make it at home,” said another commenter. “Wonder if they will sell me the vinaigrette, though.”

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