People Are Arguing Over Whether Mom Who Feeds Baby By Throwing Snacks On The Floor Is Wrong

A mom on TikTok has been put on blast for feeding her baby snacks from the carpeted floor while sick. In her controversial viral video, Raquel Tolman aka @desertbabysteps said, “Sometimes when I’m sick, I like to feed my baby his little snacks as if he was a chicken.” In the video, she shows herself throwing some snacks on the carpet near her baby, who is crawling around and happily eats the snacks from the floor.

The viral TikTok has been viewed over 7.5 million times, with mixed responses of concern and support for the young mother’s parenting style.

One commenter said, “I mean, that’s cute, but…hopefully, the floor is freshly vacuumed.”

“But the floor is full of germs,” a second TikToker commented.

A third joked, “free range baby.”

Tolman posted a follow-up video on December 6 after her initial video went viral to address some of the concerns shared in the comments and stitches.

The major concern seemed to be what Tolman was feeding her 7-month-old baby, which she shared were “not chokeable” baby snacks from Gerber and dissolve instantly on contact with saliva.

“I mean, it’s carpet. It’s as clean as carpet’s going to be, and he plays on it all day, so I cannot change that,” she said.

Even that response video, however, had a wide range of responses, from those who agreed with her parenting tactics to those sending her hate for them.

Wrote one person, “It’s carpet, yeah, but we walk around on carpet.”

Another told Tolman, “Let ’em be haters! NO MOTHER is perfect.”

There were also many stitched responses to Tolman’s videos, saying that letting children eat from the floor boosts their immune systems and showing her support.

“My daughter has happily eaten fistfuls of plant soil, sand from the park, blades of grass, random carpet fibers that she’s found on the floor,” a fellow mother replied in a stitch. “Kids will willingly throw their snacks onto the floor and then proceed to eat them.”

Another mother replied to the video saying, “You can tell by the comments who don’t got no kids.”

While the five-second rule is a time-honored tradition, experts warn that it exposes especially young children to harmful bacteria, though the bottom line is that the type of food plays a major factor.

Healthline says of the matter, “The type of food and the surface your food lands on can also make a difference. A piece of wet, sticky food that falls on a tiled floor is likely to pick up a lot more bacteria than a pretzel that lands on a rug.”

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