‘I Can’t Call The Cops Just Because Someone Cut In Line’: Male ‘Karen’ Threatens To Call Cops On Chick-Fil-A Customer After Altercation

Male ‘Karens’ are slowly increasing and have made their way across social media. In a viral TikTok, a Chick-fil-A customer filmed another customer, dubbed a ‘male Karen,’ in action in a three-part video.

The series was uploaded by user @shadedbeautybylala, where the first video shows two customers in line at a Chick-fil-A, engaged in a heated argument.

In the text overlay, the TikToker explains how the “dude in the red shirt,” the one she named a ‘male Karen,’ was being an “A-hole” to another customer. In the clip, the customer tells the ‘male Karen’ to “watch who you’re talking to” and asks him if he wants to “take it outside.”

Another employee wiping down tables tells the customer to “cool it,” to which he responds, “nah, he is disrespecting. Don’t be telling me what to do. Tell him that, he called me an asshole. I’m a grown fucking man. Nobody tells me what to do. Somebody disrespecting, Imma handle it.”

Most of the conversation becomes incoherent, but the customer ends up telling the ‘Karen’ that he will be “seeing him outside.” The rest of the conversation becomes inaudible. In a second clip, it seems the two are still in a heated argument, though the audio is turned off.

The third clip reveals the ‘Karen’ arguing with one of the managers at Chick-fil-A, demanding him to call the cops because the other customer was allegedly “threatening” them. The manager kept telling the ‘Karen’ they wanted to stay out of it, saying, “I can’t call the cops because someone cut in line.”

As the ‘male Karen’ turned his attention to his phone, the customer he was having the dispute with approached him, saying, “the cops won’t come for shit like this but they will come for you.” The customer then gets in his face and follows him toward the door as the man leaves. People in the background can be heard saying, “don’t do it.” The video concludes with the ‘Karen’ yelling an unintelligible threat before leaving the premises.

Though the videos amassed over 7 million views in total, all of the comments were disabled. In one of the comments from another video, @shadedbeautybylala replied to a viewer who asked why she disabled them, writing, “I just got tired of people being ignorant and racist on my page and I didn’t want to come out of character on them.”

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