‘I Have No Money Now’: Woman Says Chase ATM Ate Her $2,700 Deposit That Never Made It Into Her Account

In a viral video posted just days before Christmas, TikTok user Isabella Diamond (@isabelladiamond0) claims that $2,700 dollars she deposited into a Chase ATM never arrived in her bank account. She was supposed to place a deposit on a new apartment but she says she wasn’t able to do so.

“Hi, yes I have been crying and I think I have a pretty valid reason because Chase Bank just stole like $2700 from me 2 days before Christmas,” Diamond says at the beginning of the video.

Diamond explains that her account was overdrawn so she needed to put money into her account as soon as possible. She received payment from her boss a few days early since they were nearing the holidays.

The creator clarifies that she has never had any issues with Chase ATMs in the past.

“The machine spit out this receipt that said, like, ‘call this number to see if it went through,” she says. “I checked my account balance and my account was still negative and there was nothing pending.”

After walking into the branch of the bank, the teller told her that she was going to need to submit a claim. With tears streaming down her face, Diamond says she couldn’t wait a few business days because she needed to get gas for her car, deposit the down payment, and go Christmas shopping.

Eventually, Diamond spoke with someone representing Chase on the phone to explain that this was an urgent need as she doesn’t “have $1 in the world.”

“Whoever was on the phone told me I was not getting my money and they [have] done everything that they could, and it was gonna be 10 more business days and that’s just what it was,” she recalls.

She asked the Chase representative what they propose she does as she has “no money now,” and their alleged response was, “at this point, you’re asking me to give you life advice.”

“Maybe don’t bank with Chase because they will steal your money right before Christmas,” she concludes.

Users in the comments section were skeptical about her story.

“Like a lot of other commenters, I also do not believe this story,” one user said.

“‘If there’s a Venmo in the bio, don’t fall for it,” another commented, as the creator has her Venmo account in her bio.

“Something is off. Just doesn’t sit right. I ain’t buying it,” a third user said.

In a second video, Diamond responded to the following comment left by a user.

“I’m confused– you had cash that you needed but you put it all in the ATM?” they asked.

Diamond then responded to the “incredibly mean” comments accusing her of scamming viewers out of money.

“I’m not scamming,” she says. “Not once in that video did I ask for money… Just trying to get in contact with anybody who works at Chase who can possibly help me.”

She explains that she initially deposited the check at the bank her job uses, then took the cash to her bank, Chase, to be deposited into her account, in hopes of avoiding delays with the check deposit. She also adds that she put the entirety of her cash into the ATM due to the electronic transactions she needed to make, like her apartment deposit. According to the creator, the deposit wasn’t processed and there is no record of the transaction.

“I don’t feel like I owe a bunch of strangers an explanation but if you’re gonna accuse me of running game and being a scammer…that’s just what it is,” she says.

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