‘Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions’: Man Says He Found Someone To Braid His Hair On Grindr After His Braider Wasn’t Available

Modern problems require modern solutions. That’s why when TikTok user Shane (@rerealizerealliez) discovered he couldn’t get an appointment to get his hair braided, he turned to another method: Grindr.

Grindr is a dating and chat app that caters specifically to LGBTQ+ people. The app is location-based, meaning it is easy for users on the app to quickly find partners close to their current location.

In a video with over 5.2 million views, Shane explains how he utilized this app to get his ideal look.

“When you can’t get in with your braider so you go on Grindr and find a twink who says he can braid,” Shane writes in the video’s text overlay.

In the comments section, many users shared experiences similar to Shane’s.

“Two men from bumble built my nightstand and drawers,” one user wrote.

“A man from bumble installed my coded front door lock on our 2nd date,” a second shared. “He was so concerned for my safety he turned around when I entered my code.”

“Didn’t have a ride to the Blick for an art project so I went on tinder to find a ride and now I’ve been dating him for 3 yrs,” a third claimed.

Others noted that videos like these pointed out a need for more socialization apps.

“Wait, is this how we make adult friends? Like skip over the sexuality part, is this how we make adult friends?!!” one commenter questioned.

“For real why don’t we just have an ‘I need friends because I’m a millenial’ app at this point,” a second agreed.

“Dating apps needs to change to their slogans to include these situations lmao,” another suggested.

Best of all? The general consensus is that the Grindr-discovered braider actually did a great job.

“He really did the damn thing,” one user commented.

“Yo! He did a good job tho!” another exclaimed.

“Aye yoooo no lie it looks amazing,” a further user echoed.

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