Boyfriend Of Woman Given ‘Week To Live’ By Doctors Is Looking To Grant Her Final Wish

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The boyfriend of a woman who was told she had only "a week to live" wants to grant her final wish in dedication to her memory.

Alex Halley sadly died at 27 years old, eight weeks after she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and her boyfriend Aidan Solan, 29, has described her as "a caricature of a good person".

As reported by The Mirror, the couple were in Italy in August celebrating a friend's wedding, when they received a call from the doctor.

Halley had been suffering from stomach problems for a while, but the couple assumed it was a side effect from coming off the contraceptive pill. Due to her poor health, they had intended to end their trip early but wanted to return when she was feeling better.

Speaking to the Mirror, Solan said: "Your mind always goes to the most positive potential outcome," but tragically, Halley passed away just eight weeks later.

The 27-year-old burst into tears immediately after hearing her diagnosis, but Solan revealed the reality of the situation didn't hit him until a few days later.

"I don't know whether it was a panic attack or what," he said. "But I was just hysterically, hysterically crying. I couldn't stop. [It was] just the realization of what was happening [and it] setting in."

Halley was in and out of the hospital before spending the final five weeks of her life as an inpatient. Her mother spent every day by her side, and Solan took over during the evenings.

Solan, unfortunately, caught Covid during this time, so had to stop visitation and could only talk to her over the phone. Two days before she died, she unexpectedly called Solan telling him that she missed him.

Halley worked as an occupational therapist in a school for children with physical disabilities and additional sensory needs, and Solan wants her legacy to reflect her good work.
A fundraiser has been set up in her name. Credit: JustGiving
A JustGiving page has been set up to make her final wish a reality, of funding an accessible playground so they can "create a space that can be enjoyed by all children, regardless of whether they have a physical disability."

At the time of writing, the page has received over $29,000 (£23,644) in donations from almost 700 supporters.

Our thoughts are with Halley's family and friends, and hope to see the accessible playground opened in her memory soon.

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