‘I Have To Order Through The Kiosk. No Humans Work Here, Just Machines’: McDonald’s Customer Films Store Operating Without Any Workers, Automatic Drink Dispenser

In a now-viral TikTok, a McDonald’s customer says she had to “order through a kiosk” at a McDonald’s location with no workers.

TikTok user @jbarbeezy posted the video on Dec. 24. In it, she films what’s behind the counter at a McDonald’s store, pointing out that there are no cashiers or workers in the kitchen. All that can be seen is an automated drink machine completing orders.

“Guys, you won’t believe this. They don’t even have anybody here. I had to order through a kiosk,” she says in the clip.

She also shows a sign that reads, “We apologize that cashiers are currently unavailable.”

“So, like, no humans work here, just machines. What’s happening?” she asks.

McDonald’s unveiled its first fully automated store in Texas this week, according to CBS News. The restaurant chain says the move is part of its plan to create “new ways to serve [customers] faster and easier than ever before.”

Jbarbeezy’s video has reached over 301,000 views as of Dec. 27. In the comments section, viewers were divided over the new high-tech additions to McDonald’s operations.

“I can’t wait for this to succeed so that every McDonald’s could be like this,” one user wrote.

“I refuse to buy anything that way,” another pushed back.

Other users suggested that increased automation in fast-food restaurants stems from the demand for higher wages.

“Yeah because some workers asking to get paid like someone with college or trade degree. This is meant to be temp work not career making $50k,” one viewer commented.

“There was an inevitable conclusion to the constant wage increase demands,” another wrote.

“Is this what $22 an hour looks like?” a third added.

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