People Send Photos Of Their Pets To Artist And She Turns Them Into Disney Characters

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One artist has been making fairytale dreams come true by transforming people's pet photos into Disney-like illustrations.

It's safe to say that Disney characters have made a huge impact on many people's lives - no matter their age - with their stories that teach life-changing lessons.

Many people feel connected to the protagonists, especially the ones that center around adorable animals, such as the Lady and the Tramp, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, The Aristocats, and many more.

So it’s no surprise that people want to see their fuzzy pets in the world of Disney, and that has been made possible by Isa Bredt - a 23-year-old illustrator from the Netherlands who owns a popular Instagram page with the handle, @pet_disneyfication.
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The popular creator has been converting photos of people’s beloved pets into Disneyesque artwork since 2014, and it’s taken precious to a whole new level.

We have compiled some of the best drawings of cats, dogs, foxes, and more from her account. So, if you’re in the mood to look at some adorable Disney-like animations, you can find them here.

First, we have a cute yet grumpy cat scowling at the mirror. Bredt enhanced the cartoon image to make it look like a character in one of our old-school favorite Disney movies.

Next, we have two adorable dogs embracing each other in the cold. If the original photo isn't cute enough, the animated version is even more heartwarming.

The third one is an endearing white fox that some people may say is reminiscent of Pua from Moana or the white wolf in Jungle Book!

Lastly, we have a charming cat dressed in tiny Batman gear that can be our own alternative version of DC Comics' Ace The Bat-Hound.

Disneyfication is an actual term that’s been used by sociologists to explain the modification of things or environments to resemble the Walt Disney theme parks and resorts.

Bredt always had a fondness for pets and art, so it was a no-brainer to connect the two and become an animal portrait artist. She has been creating since she was very young and started sharing her work on social media when she was 16.

According to her website, the illustrator's greatest inspirations are the old 2D animated works from Disney, Dreamworks, and Don Bluth.

"In my portraits, I try to capture an animal’s spirit, with the twist that they look like they could star in their very own animated movie," she wrote.

So which among these are your favorite animals turned into Disney characters? Do let us know in the comments section!

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