‘Never Buy Anything That’s Combined With Cheeto’s’: Customer Shows Reality Of The Cheetos Wings From Applebee’s

A man on TikTok has gone viral for sharing the disappointing reality of the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos chicken wings he ordered from Applebee’s.

In the video, TikTok user Sergio (@666.ssergio) shows a phone screen displaying a menu item called “Traditional Wings with Flamin’ Hot Wing Sauce.” The menu listing is accompanied by a photo of several chicken wings coated in finely ground Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

“Turn up the heat with Cheetos® Flamin’ Hot flavor that hits the spot! Tossed in sauce and coated in crunchy Cheetos crumbles,” the item description reads.

“Man, look, this what I ordered, bruh. The shit look good,” Sergio says while showing the order screen. He then shifts the camera to the food he received: plain wings, celery, and pieces of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos scattered underneath.

“What the fuck is this shit, bruh? I need a refund,” he concludes.

Sergio gives a warning to viewers in the caption, writing, “dont order this bruh.”

The video racked up over 231,000 views as of Tuesday. In the comments section, alleged current and former Applebee’s workers claimed that the way Sergio received the wings is how they are typically prepared.

“I used to work at apple bees and that’s where they came from they dead ass just crush Cheetos and put them on top and they always super greasy,” one viewer wrote.

“I work for Applebee’s and can confirm this is how it’s always made,” a second echoed.

Other viewers shared their disappointing experiences with ordering the wings.

“I got these once and questioned my entire life for about 6 months,” one shared.

“I got the same thing one time and it had me on the toilet,” a second wrote.

“Bruh they just gave me a little dipping container full of hot cheeto dust, i was pissed,” a third stated.

On the other hand, several users said they had positive experiences with the wings and recommended ordering them inside the restaurant.

“Get them from Applebees they’re actually like the picture,” one viewer advised.

“I’ve had them inside the Applebees and they look how they advertised,” a second agreed.

It seems, however, that ordering the wings at a physical location is no longer possible. The wings do not appear in the menu section of the Applebee’s website. The page for the wings now directs to Cosmic Wings, Applebee’s delivery-only brand, where the item is still available for purchase.

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