‘Does Anyone Else Have A Secret Santa That Just Keeps Sending Packages To Your House?’: Woman Says Amazon Sent Her Over 40 Packages That Aren’t Hers

A woman on TikTok is showing off her accidental status as an Amazon Secret Santa receiver after she got a truckload of packages she never ordered.

Her video has reached nearly 4 million views as of Sunday, with viewers astounded, jealous, and sharing stories of similar incidents.

“Does anyone else have a secret Santa that just keeps sending packages to your house? ” says user Olivia (@oliviamccdouglass) as she starts her video.

She explains that she first received a handful of packages to her address, but with a different name for the intended recipient.

Olivia says she reached out to Amazon, but claims the online retailer giant told her the correct recipient likely already submitted a claim. She says they recommended she just keep the packages.

At first it was fine, she says, but now over 40 packages are stacked high in her doorway, which she shows in the clip. In a previous video, Olivia says she had tried looking up the name on the packages in her county and in the online registry, but could not find anyone with that name.

Some viewers said they’ve seen similar Amazon ‘Secret Santa’ situations.

“Yes this happened to my friend and she got HUNDREDS!” one user commented.

Others tried to figure out what could possibly be the reason for the strange situation.

“What if it’s like a pregnant woman’s registry and she can’t submit a claim bc other people ordered it for her, but they don’t know she didn’t get it,” a user wrote.

“Wait I’ve heard about this!” another user claimed. “Ok so sometimes sellers send their own products to a random address to give themselves good reviews or something like that.”

Other users praised her “self control” in keeping the packages sealed. Many are calling for an “unboxing” video to show off the haul, which she did in a series of follow-up videos.

In a TikTok, Olivia says she decided to do an Advent Calender-type of unboxing where she would open one package every day.

But, some pointed out there are bound to be sides to this tale.

“Waiting for the tiktok of the girl complaining she never got her packages,” said one user.

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