Alyssa Milano Praised For Sharing Makeup Free Selfie To Celebrate Turning 50

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Alyssa Milano has recently gotten real with us after turning 50 yesterday.

Posting to Instagram on Monday, the Charmed star shared a snapshot of her bare face to celebrate the incredible milestone.

She paired the selfie with an inspiring caption about the beauty of getting older.

"This is 50. No filter. No touching up. No make up," she started.

Check out the post below:

Milano continued: "I will spend this day, the same as every day. I will move a little, love a lot, be of service, and count my blessings. I’m happy to be here. Right here. Right now. In this time. In my time. In your time."

The actress then goes on to state that there's so much to look forward to despite the popular belief that after a certain age, things start getting hopeless.

"There’s still so much to look forward to! And you know what? It’s even been okay to look back where I’ve been, where I came from, how far I’ve come, who came into my life and who stayed. Thanks for all of your support and Birthday wishes. Let’s keep going," Milano concluded.
Alyssa Milano turned 50 on December 19th. Credit: HMP / Alamy
The post has since received over 134,000 likes and thousands of fans took to the comments to praise the star for her honesty and positivity.

"Still look like a 25-year-old face," one person commented.

"U look 30," another quipped.

"Such a precious photo... Plus you look 12!" A third wrote.

"Happy birthday Alyssa!! Thank you for always being unapologetically you," another said.

"You’re 50!!! Wtf you have a baby face still, beautiful," a different fan commented.

Milano might have a lot to look forward to, but so do her fans as the 50-year-old gears up to reprise her role in the sequel for Who's the Boss? following its new deal with Amazon Freevee.

Deadline reported that the follow-up would be reuniting original stars Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano for another ride.

The new show will be executive produced by Norman Lear, as well as Mike Royce and co-executive producer Brigitte Muñoz-Liebowitz.

According to the outlet, the show will be set 30 years after the events of the original series and will focus on exploring generational differences, as well as opposing world-views and parenting styles within the dynamic of a "modern family" living in 2022.

The actress took to Instagram to make the announcement, telling fans that she was so excited to be part of the upcoming project.

"ANNOUNCEMENT: I AM SO EXCITED! #WhosTheBoss is coming back!!!" She wrote.

Her co-star, Danza, also posted about the occasion, writing: "Very excited to bring Who’s The Boss back to television!" alongside a photo of him and Milano.

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