Mariah Carey Makes A Huge Amount Of Money In One Year Alone From All I Want For Christmas Is You

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It's the song synonymous with Christmas, the tune hummed on repeat throughout the Holidays, and the ditty taking over department stores between October to January! 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' is arguably one of Mariah Carey's biggest hits of all time.

Each year the RnB legend seemingly pops out of nowhere to promote the chart-topping single.

But, have you ever wondered just how much the 52-year-old New York native makes from the song? I know I have. Evidently, Billboard has as well.

In fact, a recent article detailed just how much dosh the mom-of-two still makes from the track - and it's certainly a titillating Christmas bonus!
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In 2021 alone, the song generated 1.747 million song consumption units in the USA alone (the term used to define the consumption of music that equates to the sale of one album).

Of that significant number, 48,000 were from downloads, 200 million came from audio streams, 52.5 million came from video streams, and 24 million were from programmed streams. Carey and her label Sony Music generated $1.36 million from that.

Publishing the song made Carey an additional $378,000 last year as well, Billboard estimates.

These insane numbers only made up 51% of download sales and just 30.7% of on-demand streaming, given that these figures were just from the US alone. Globally, the song had 94,000 downloads and more than 800 million streams in 2021, Carey's earnings probably looked more like $4.5 million, plus publishing royalties of $1.66 million.

The total? A jaw-dropping $6.16 million in estimated publishing royalties and global revenue!

That ain't half bad for a song that was originally released in 1994.

The outlet also adds that Carey is one of two songwriters credited for the track, meaning that their share of the publishing could be 50% each (if they each wrote half of the song, that is). "If she owns her publishing, after a 10% administration fee, her take-home pay would be $747,000. If she has a 75/25 co-publishing deal, her share would be just over $622,000," Billboard details.

It should be noted that these estimates don't include arrangements for Christmas TV specials where Carey sings the song.

Last year, the hit song became the first holiday single to receive the Recording Industry Association of America's (RIAA) Diamond Award, after it reached 10 million sales and streams in the US, per Newsweek.

I guess all of us mere mortals playing it on repeat once a year has really done wonders!

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