‘Just Leave It’s Not Worth It’: Guests Discover Creepy Secret Basement In Airbnb

In a moment straight out of a horror movie, TikToker @kitmonstaa and his friends allegedly discovered their Airbnb came with a hidden bonus – in the form of a sinister basement room whose appearance had everyone in the comments calling out the place’s Barbarian movie vibes.

The first video shows the room’s discovery, with one of the guests moving aside a rug to reveal a long glass trap door. Under the glass is a wooden ladder dropping down into what seems to be a dark pit so deep you can’t see the bottom.

While the commenters were urging @kitmonstaa and his friends to leave before they ended up trapped down there, a second video showed that they disregarded that sound advice. Having lifted the glass panel out, which strangely had no handles and appears to have been merely balanced on the joists rather than fixed in place, @kitmonstaa and his friends proceeded to climb down and film the secret world beneath.

Once down there, it seems they discovered a whole other room filled with what looks like part of the heating or air conditioning system, exposed wires, and, strangely, wooden chairs and other furniture.

The furniture was the part viewers found most unsettling, with one commenter saying, “Like that’s fine for a crawl space but clear doors and chairs ???”

The space beneath the Airbnb reminded the creator’s followers of quite a few horror movies, but the clear winner was “Barbarian” – a film about a series of secret rooms under an Airbnb and the terrifying people who live there.

People were quite concerned for the TikToker and his friends who decided to go down there.

And that concern only grew as more time passed without a follow-up comment or video.

It’s now been three days and counting. The Daily Dot has contacted the creator for comment and will update this article if he responds.

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