Woman Likely Killed By 'Aggressive Shark' While Learning To Surf

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A tragic accident turned fatal after it was suspected that a woman was "eaten by an aggressive shark" while she was out learning how to surf.

Kristine Allen from Bellingham, Washington, initially disappeared while she was on holiday with her husband Blake in Hawaii. The couple was out at sea, snorkeling and learning how to surf right before the tragedy struck.

As per the Daily Mail, eyewitnesses at the scene told local authorities that they saw a tiger shark roaming around the area, with some even saying that they saw the animal feeding on something in a pool of red water.

Speaking of the incident, officials, per People: "He [Blake] and his wife were not snorkeling right next to one another and he could only see her from time to time. As the shark continued to circle him he continued looking for his wife... popping his head out of the water and scanning the surface."
Kristine and Blake Allen. Credit: Facebook
The husband "did spot something in the distance and then the shark came back, and he could see something red around the shark's gills.'

"At the time, he said people on the beach began yelling at him to get out of the water because a shark was feeding in the area," they added.

After a thorough investigation, it was later concluded that Kristine had most likely been killed by an "aggressive shark."

The news came just days after Kristine published an inspiring post to Facebook in which she said that she was always using "surfing metaphors" and that she was now bringing that to real life at the age of 60.

"I have used surfing metaphors for years: Work to get on the wave then ride the wave; Don’t over work use the universal force like a wave to carry you to your dreams,' she posted along with photos of her climbing up on the board. "But I had never surfed."

She continued: "Now that I have, the metaphors hold even deeper felt sense. You paddle, paddle, paddle then pop up. Ride the wave (hopefully) or fall off then paddle back for the next wave. Much like creating."
Kristine Allen. Credit: Facebook
"The fun is in the creating," she added. "Our dreams give us the motivation to keep getting back up to catch the next one even if we got tumbled."

While the post initially received kind messages from supportive followers, it was soon flooded with condolences and well wishes.

One woman who revealed she was in the area that day left a comment, saying: It’s hard to believe that you were taken away in this [manner]. I have only hoped that it was painless and quick."

Upon hearing the news, Infinite We, a holistic health service, posted a tribute to Kristine, describing her as a "bright light."

"It is with very sad hearts that we announce the sudden passing of Kristine Allen," the post began. "She was a bright light, a nurturing and giving healer and true friend to so many.
Kristine Allen learning to surf. Credit: Facebook
"Kristine lived with a joy and determination to squeeze absolutely every happiness she could from each moment! She created a safe space for others to be themselves and to build a life they love, it was her passion and her purpose."

It concluded: "Our thoughts and prayers are with her husband Blake and their family as they grieve."

Unfortunately, Kristine's body was not recovered from the incident, only a snorkel set and part of a bathing suit were found.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Kristine's husband as well as her loved ones during this difficult time.

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