Mom 'Forced To Watch Child's Nativity Play Through Window Because Of Extreme Look'

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A mother has been "forced" to watch her child's nativity play through a window because of her "extreme" tattoos that cover her face.

Melissa Sloan, 45, from Wales, United Kingdom, has made headlines before due to her alternative look, after reportedly being unable to find a job due to her "addiction" to tattoos.

The mom of two sat down with the Daily Star where she also claimed that she has been barred from pubs due to her tattoos and therefore can't spend Christmas there.

The pubs haven't explicitly said that the tattoos are the reason for Sloan being barred from the establishments, but she feels as if it is the reason.

Sloan revealed that people are quick to judge her for her appearance, and it can often result in people being aggressive towards her.

She has now revealed to the Daily Star that Christmas is a particularly difficult time for her family, and her children's school even makes her stand outside to watch the annual nativity.

"No Christmas parties and when I go to my child's school I don't get invited," Sloan revealed. "They said once for me to go to the back garden and look through the class window they told me to do so."

She now no longer attends her children's plays due to the teacher's requests for her to remain outside instead of in the hall with all of the other parents.

Sloan continued that she no longer goes to school at all, and she relies on her husband Luke to do all of the parental duties, like taking the kids the school fayre.

"I feel so jealous as I can't go there and to the Christmas fayre as I know what they're [teachers and parents] like towards me," Sloan said while stating she waits at home by herself for her family to return.

She has revealed that over the Christmas period she won't be going under the needle for any more tattoos as that is "family time" and that it would be selfish for her to do it during the festivities.

However, when Christmas is over, she is itching to get back to doing what she loves and adding to her collection of ink!

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