‘I Wish I Would’ve Known’: UGG Customer’s Surprising PSA Reveals How To Get Replacement Boots

Many products have warranties that go underutilized, largely due to the fact that publicity about these warranties is minimal. Now, a user on TikTok has gone viral after claiming that one company with such a warranty is UGG.

In a video with over 4.7 million views, TikTok user Karina (@karinasoliss__) encourages users to register their UGG boots with the company. That way, if there is a defect or another aspect of the boot that fails, UGG will replace the boot for free.

“You don’t need to necessarily have purchased the boot on the UGG website, but you do need to be able to verify your retailer,” explains Karina. “…From a year, you’re able to return your old pair for a new pair.”

While Karina claims that one can get their UGG boots replaced for simple wear-and-tear, this does not seem to be the case. However, the one-year warranty is true and verified by UGG on the company’s website.

“We stand behind our UGG footwear. UGG warrants that its footwear products will be free from material or workmanship defects for one year from the date of purchase by the original consumer purchaser,” the website states.

Issues like “Normal wear and tear,” “Accidental damage,” and “Water damage” are not covered. That said, Karina claims that she has heard stories of people returning the boots for these issues and getting replacements.

The form to register UGG products can be found here.

Many TikTokers were upset that they did not know about this warranty earlier.

“Me with my 15 pairs of unregistered Uggs…how did I not know,” one commenter wrote.

“All the Uggs that I have, I wish I would’ve known,” another echoed. “Thank for this, I’ll definitely do it for future purchases.”

“I LITERALLY just got rid of an old pair, because they’re was a hole by the toe part. I’m mad as hell,” a third stated.

Other users spoke to the veracity of the video’s claims.

“I use to be a CSR for UGG. It’s true as long as you purchased from an authorized seller. If you get it from elsewhere it most likely will be rejected,” one commenter claimed.

“Use to work for UGG. It’s true it even explains this on the website under warranty,” a second shared. “It’s within a year [of] purchase. If it’s over [then] no.”

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