Woman Is Charging Her Family For Christmas Dinner For Sixth Year In A Row

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A woman has divided the internet after she revealed that she will be continuing her annual tradition of charging family members for Christmas dinner.

Speaking to BBC News, Caroline Duddridge from Wales, UK, said that she makes adults pay anything up to $18, while younger members of the family can be charged in the single digits.

The 63-year-old got the idea after her husband passed away and her household income was halved and with the UK's cost of living crisis making things even more difficult, she had to keep it going.

"There's a few out there who think I'm a bit of a Scrooge but my friends think it's quite a good idea," she told the outlet. "[But] I said to my children, 'right, it costs a lot of money, I'm going to do a little kitty jar so you can put £2 ($2.40) away starting in September.'"

The widowed grandmother continued: "It sounds good, doesn't it? But of course, it all got a bit shambolic, trying to keep track of them and there were a few stragglers."

So in order to avoid the chaos, Duddridge started accepting direct payments to her bank account, even going as far as giving her family a deadline to transfer the money by.

"If you don't pay by 1 December, you're not coming," she joked. "Obviously there were a few moans and grumbles saying I've got a few children, but at the end of the day that's not my problem really, is it?"

This year, Duddridge charged her two sons $18, her three daughters $12, her four grandchildren over five $6 and her two three-year-old grandchildren $3.

Despite the idea seeming a little strange, it's important to note that this covers costs over three festive-food-filled days which consists of a mini buffet of sandwiches before a turkey dinner with all the trimmings and drinks on Christmas Day. A nut roast is also on the menu with a choice of four desserts.

All that is followed by a full buffet the following day which can set the mom-of-five back $400.
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Being such a unique concept, we're not shocked to see that social media users are left divided over it.

"Surely they could each bring a part of the meal rather than charge them. Must admit I would never do that," said one Facebook user, while another agreed, writing: "I’ll pass and have a family dinner at my house and she won’t be invited."

They even went as far as adding a picture of the Grinch to emphasize their point.

A third added: "Never ever would I do that the best payment for us would be the whole family together to enjoy a meal and make it like it’s the last meal together memories are more important than who pays."
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Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook
"I don't think with the cost of living it's wrong. People shouldn't expect the cost to be left to one person...."

"Anyone who doesn't through in a bit of cash and expects a widowed pensioner to buy all the food to feed their families, are the real Scrooge's....... people on here saying 'oh I wouldn't go then', they sound like entitled spoilt little brats, to me," this user wrote.

"My grown children help me out as well," quipped another.
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Credit: Facebook
Regardless of the idea, I'm sure everyone's set to have an amazing time, especially considering the fact that Duddridge is going all out with the food this year.

Merry Christmas!

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