I Was Kicked Off The Ice-skating Rink After A ‘Karen’ Shamed My Mini Skirt, Tattoos

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A woman from the UK has spoken out about being "humiliated" after being told to leave an ice skating rink following a complaint about her short miniskirt.

Lowri Rose spent the lead-up to Christmas like many Brits do - heading to the festive-themed tourist attraction Winter Wonderland. Located in various UK cities like London, Manchester, and Birmingham, the 23-year-old attended the attraction in her hometown of Cardiff.

Rose had been wearing a cream turtleneck sweater, a brown plaid "skort", and knee-high socks for the evening out with her friends. She had wanted to go ice skating on a rink inside the venue, unfortunately, the outfit caused quite a stir and another visitor complained about it, prompting the OnlyFans model to be kicked off.

Taking to TikTok, the model posted a clip showing off the outfit in question and explaining her side of the story. "This is for the old bag that tried to get me kicked off ice skating for wearing a skirt," she begins in the clip, before continuing: "Newsflash, bozo, it's a skort," pulling up the skirt to reveal brown booty shorts.

The clip then cuts to Rose in a restaurant, elaborating on the story: "For real, that was embarrassing. They pulled me off the rink at Winter Wonderland and they made a whole spectacle about it and told me to put a coat on, which I was about to do until my friend interjected and she was like, 'Don't put a coat on.'"

"Would this happen if I didn't look like this," she continues, adding: "Don't think so. So yeah, screw you Karen for ruining my Winter Wonderland experience, and screw you Winter Wonderland staff for complying with a Karen - they're Karens, they're gonna be b***hes, get over it."

The TikTok received more than 25,000 views, and many people took to the comments section to support the model.

"OMG! Olympic skaters wear MUCH LESS and are seen by millions! Babygirl, keep living your best life!" one person wrote.

"U look so pretty she's just mad," another person said.

"That's actually disgraceful…. you looked amazing !!!" a further user chimed in.

Someone commented that Rose should contact a lawyer and sue the tourist attraction, advising: "I would contact a lawyer. If they don't have a a publicly displayed dress code you can sue them for discrimination. They can't do that."

Rose later told The Daily Star that she is often harrassed by "Karen type" women, stating: "I'm covered in tattoos so it's not uncommon that I'm harassed by Karen type women."

"I knew as soon as they wanted to pull me off the ice what it was for. I know it's due to how I look in general because this is such a frequent occurrence from some women. It's just a real shame that they're refusing to acknowledge that it was a mistake on their end. If it was a case of my skirt came up and someone wanted to let me know I would have no issue, I don't want the humiliation of being exposed in public," she added.

The model concluded: "But there's no required dress code for ice skating so I don't see an issue with wearing a skirt. I grew up ice skating and it's not uncommon for the skaters to wear tiny clothes. I will continue to wear outfits that make me feel confident, this hasn't changed a thing."

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