People Are Only Just Realising Who The Cop In Home Alone Is

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It's been over three decades since the Christmas classic Home Alone first hit our screens and since then, we've been enjoying the movie every time the festive season rolls around.

No matter how much time has passed, it seems as though we're still discovering new nuggets of information about it - well, some of us are.

The latest so-called revelation happens to involve the police officer at the start of the film.

Sergeant Larry Balzak, who only appeared at the start of the film for a scene, attempted to get someone's attention while the McCallister kids ran wild with no adults in sight.

The officer then warned Kevin's father that there are "a lot of burglaries around the holidays."
Did you spot that the police officer was in fact a Wet Bandit? Credit: Atlaspix / Alamy
It seems as though a lot of people had no idea that this "police officer" was also one half of the antagonists, the Wet Bandits.

I mean, I know some things are a little tricky to figure out, but this one? I just assumed everyone knew.

Well, not according to Twitter, as social media users took to the platform to share their shock at the revelation.

"Just realizing that the police officer at the beginning of home alone... is one of the bandits," said one person.

"I’m pretty sure I was a full grown adult before I realized that Harry was the police officer at the beginning of the film #HomeAlone," wrote another.

A third also added that even as an adult, they had no idea until recently: "I'm 30 years of age and I've only just realized Joe Pesci is the cop at the start of Home Alone, which is how he knows the house will be empty for them to rob."

"Whoa, did you know in Home Alone, the same actor who plays the cop at the first of movie is also a member of the wet bandits?", questioned a fourth.

It seems as though others were confused as to how these people had no idea about the uncanny character switch.

"Baffled as to how some folks didnt/don't know that the "cop" at the beginning of Home Alone is actually one of the wet bandits casing the joint!", one user said.

"Please tell me your joking?", tweeted another. "People to this day never realized the Police officer in the first Home Alone was really Harry from The Wet Bandits?"

You learn something new every day!

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