Emily Blunt Reveals That Tom Cruise Told Her To 'stop Being Such A P***y' During A Teary Moment

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Emily Blunt has said that Tom Cruise once told her to "stop being such a p***y" when they were filming the 2014 movie Edge Of Tomorrow.

Speaking on the Smartless podcast, the 39-year-old actress said she became emotional on set because of how difficult it was acting in scenes while sporting her heavy robotic costume. So grueling was it, according to her, that it injured her ribs.

The costume was so heavy, in fact, that Blunt required a male stunt double rather than a female one.

She said: "We had to wear these enormous suits, which I think would've been great if we had CGI'd them but we wanted to do it in a tactile way."

Blunt continued: "When you hear the word tactile you think that sounds nice and cosy; there was nothing cosy about these suits. It was like 85lb, it was so heavy. The first time I put it on I started to cry and [Cruise] didn't know what to do."
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She went on: "He just stared at me and was like 'I know, I know', I was like 'Tom I'm not sure how I'm going to get through this shoot' and just started to cry. I said 'I'm feeling a bit panicky about the whole shoot'"

It was then that Cruise decided to give The Devil Wears Prada actress some tough love, with Blunt recalling on the podcast: "He just stared at me for a long time, not knowing what to do, and he goes 'come on, stop being such a p***y, OK?'"

And it appears the tough love approach actually worked as Blunt did her best to shake off her concerns and managed to get through the scene.
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She recalled sustaining injuries to her ribs and collarbone while in the costume and says they are "still dodgy" eight years on.

Fortunately, the pain may have been worth it as the film ultimately grossed $370 million, which was more than twice the amount it cost to make it.

Blunt may have to don the costume in the future as it has been reported that there will be a sequel, with actors in the movie having confirmed they were asked to sign for it but had difficulties aligning schedules.

Appearing to dispel rumors of a sequel, the actress told Howard Stern: "Honestly, I think the movie is too expensive. I just don’t know how we’re going to do it' despite admitting that director Doug Limon, and Tom were up for it."

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