Bindi Irwin's Husband Chandler Makes Bizarre Accusation Against Robert Irwin

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Bindi Irwin's husband, Chandler Powell, had recently made a bizarre accusation against Robert Irwin and it's left us all a little confused...

During a blooper reel from the Irwin Family Adventures mini-series, Chandler, 26, asked Robert, 19, about something that he'd noticed lately.

"You're just losing the Australian [accent]," the former professional wakeboarder told his brother-in-law as the two of them stood by the koala exhibit at Australia Zoo.

"Let's go look at some koalas, man. Do I sound like Chandler?" Robert replied in an exaggerated American accent.

"That's Californian," Chandler corrected.

Watch the full blooper reel below:

However, Robert wasn't just going to take it as he continued to mock the 26-year-old.

"Let's go have a look at some koalas, dude. They're totally righteous!"

Given the wildlife photographer's previous dating history, it comes as no surprise that his accent could have been slightly influenced by his alleged summer lover.

At the time the blooper reel was published, it was reported that Robert was dating his long-term friend and California native, Emmy Perry.
Emmy Perry, The Vanderpump Dog Foundation's 6th Annual World Dog Day. Credit: Sipa US / Alamy
However, that romance quickly died out and now, the 19-year-old has recently been linked to Heath Ledger's niece Rorie Buckey.

The two were recently spotted together at a fine dining restaurant in Brisbane where they were snapped sitting side-by-side.

Buckey is the daughter of the late Dark Knight actor's sister Kate - who owns a design and media production company - and Nathan Buckey, a floor coverings store owner.

According to the Daily Mail, the teenager is studying for a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy at Curtin University and also has an identical twin sister named Scarlett.

The young couple has plenty in common as both grew up in the public eye after suffering the tragic loss of a family member.

In January 2008, Ledger was at the top of his career when he was found dead, following an accidental prescription drug overdose, while Irwin's father died in 2006 after being pierced in the heart by a stingray barb.

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