Woman Who Died Trapped In Her Car Due To Blizzard Sent Desperate Final Video To Family

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A New York woman who tragically died trapped in her car send her family one final video before her death.

On Friday afternoon (December 23), 22-year-old Anndel Taylor from Buffalo became stranded while driving home from work, the Daily Mail reports.

Over the Christmas weekend, the US northeast has been battered by a devastating winter storm that has resulted in freezing temperatures, burst pipes, and multiple deaths, per WSOC.

After becoming stranded, Taylor - who was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, but moved back the New York to care for her grandfather - send a 16-second video to her family in a group chat.

The clip was shared just after midnight on Saturday and showed her rolling down the car windows and sharing the cold, wintery area. Taylor's car can be seen stuck in several feet of snow and the cold wind bellows. Another stranded vehicle can also be seen.

Taylor's video can be seen below:

Wanda Brown Steele - Taylor's mother - told WSOC that her daughter had called 911 for help, but planned to sleep out the storm in her car. Once it had passed, Taylor apparently planned to walk home.

Taylor's sister, Shawnequa Brown, told WSOC: "I don’t know if any of us really knew how serious [the storm] was, we didn’t see the news, we didn’t really know what was going on in Buffalo."

"She was telling my sister that she was scared," Brown added.
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After viewing the video, her family begged those in the area to help locate and rescue Taylor.

Tragically, Taylor was found dead inside her vehicle on Saturday afternoon. The exact time she passed away is unknown, and no official cause of death has been released - however, her mother believes Taylor likely succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning rather than hypothermia.

Her family believes Taylor was stuck in her car for around 18 hours.

"I feel like everybody that tried to get to her got stuck. Fire department, police, everybody got stuck," Taylor's other sister, Tomeshia Brown, told WSOC. "Why didn’t they have chains on their tires? This is a state that is known for snow."
Buffalo was hit by a deadly storm over the Christmas weekend. Credit: Zuma Press / Alamy
Shawnequa Brown revealed that her sister still had Christmas presents to hand out and that Taylor's 23rd birthday was coming up.

The Daily Mail reports that - as of this writing - 27 deaths across Erie County have been linked to the winter storm.

Our thoughts go out to Taylor's family and friends at this time.

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