Brooke Shields, Christopher Atkins Recall Uncomfortable Naked Scenes In ‘The Blue Lagoon’

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Brooke Shields has recently opened up about the uncomfortable things that were asked of her on the set of the 1980 movie Blue Lagoon on her podcast.

The 57-year-old actress and model - who started her career in the spotlight at just 11 months old in a shampoo commercial - appeared in the flick when she was just 14 years old. The plot follows the story of two young cousins who are shipwrecked on a tropical island in the South Pacific.

Eventually, the cousins go through puberty, explore their sexualities, fall in love, and have a baby.

Blue Lagoon has caused a lot of controversy over the years for its depiction of nudity - especially considering the fact that Shields was only 14. Her co-star in the movie, Christopher Atkins, was 18 and a legal adult at the time of the movie's production and performed his own nude scenes, while Shields had a body double for hers.

Any topless scenes were performed with her long hair glued to her breasts, per Buzzfeed.

On the podcast, Now What? With Brooke Shields, the actress reunited with Atkins to talk about the movie, and how it most definitely would not be able to be made today. "Never again will a movie be made like that ever. I mean, it wouldn't be allowed," she said.

To which Atkins replied: "Oh gosh no. Animals were hurt in the movie. We were spearing fish and all kinds of crazy things. Children are naked running down a beach, couldn't do that now." He went on to explain that the nudity aspect of the film was "important" to director Randal Kleiser, and that he insisted Shields and Atkins get tans for their roles.

"We were never eased into it. We got there and they instantly wanted us to be tanned. Remember, they set up those little thatched areas so that we could get tanned without tan lines," Shields added.

Atkins, now 61, then discussed how the pair reacted to nude scenes in the movie, saying: "There were scenes where I was butt naked with you, if you remember, sliding down that slide and things like that. And that was a little awkward, but it was kind of funny for me because at this point in time I would just do it. But your reaction was: 'Ugh, oh god.'"

The pair then touched upon how Kleiser tried to push the then-14 and 18-year-olds into a real-life romance, with Shields revealing: "They wanted us so desperately to fall in love with each other. I did not react well being forced into feeling anything.

"I hadn't even kissed anybody by that age."

Shields - who also starred in a now-infamous Calvin Klein jeans advertisement as a teen - then spoke about how unethical the production was, speaking about how they both got injured and became ill during filming.

"There were long hours and there was a lot of physical stuff in that movie. Climbing those coconut trees, man, I was chafed up to no end. Running over the coral and stuff, all the bug bites and coral cuts and all the other crazy things. The fevers and everything we had, people don't know any of that stuff - it's not easy," Atkins stated.

Shields agreed, adding, "Any kind of cut you had and you went in the water, bits of the coral would get into the cut and it'd become completely infected and ulcerated. We were like the Wild West but it just happened to be on the water.

"And I remember I got pneumonia... In the birthing scene, when I'm supposed to be having the baby, I uncontrollably can't breathe and have a coughing fit and everyone's like what a great acting choice, I'm like: 'I can't breathe!'"

The movie currently holds a very rotten 8% on Rotten Tomatoes after receiving unfavorable reviews.

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