‘She Keeps Insisting That It Must Have Been Our Error’: Customer Says Bank Deposited Her $43k Into Wrong Account

A business owner in Vancouver recently shared her shock and frustration after a $43,000 deposit she made at the bank was allegedly deposited to the wrong account due to an error by the teller.

The TikToker, @vancouvermama1, explains that she went to her local Royal Bank of Canada to deposit money as she usually does, only to discover that three days later, the deposit still hadn’t cleared. As she and her husband needed to pay their suppliers and employees, they went down to the bank to find out what was going on.

She says the money had been deposited into the account of someone named “John.” According to the TikToker, the teller initially tried to blame them for the error, claiming they must have given her the wrong account information on the deposit slip at the time.

“I said, ‘What is a deposit slip? We did not use a deposit slip. We inserted the bank card and the PIN, as we always do when we submit a check,’” she says in the clip explaining the ordeal.

Eventually, the teller seemed to figure out that the error had been made on her end and claimed it would take 5-10 days to investigate, as they could not simply transfer the money out of the incorrect account. Undoubtedly complicating matters further, @vancouvermama1 says the person who received it appeared to have spent around $30,000 of it within those three days.

During her confrontation with the bank teller, the TikToker began recording, later sharing the clip to the platform where it has received over 1.3 million views.

The employee calls it a “simple error” and repeatedly insists that the protocol should have been for a deposit slip to be used, something the TikToker says she and her husband had never been told during their time with the bank.

“I totally get that mistakes happen, but the fact that they tried blaming us because we didn’t use a deposit slip and have never been asked for one,” she later wrote in the comments.

In another clip shared to TikTok, @vancouvermama1 claims the bank’s manager tried to force her to delete her recordings. The manager says that she is not allowed to record on private property.

A former teller in the comments suggested the error may have occurred because the teller still had someone else’s account up at the time of the deposit, while another said they never required clients to use a deposit slip for business accounts.

“Deposit slips are for the company’s bookkeeping,” wrote one user. “This was def the tellers mistake and she should own it. She’s making excuses.”

The money was ultimately able to be transferred on the spot, although the TikToker repeatedly expressed frustration at the teller’s unwillingness to take responsibility for the $43,000 mistake, as well as the time she and her husband had to spend trying to get the error corrected.

“Waiving a month of fees would have been nice for the time I spent, but an apology would have been enough,” she wrote.

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