‘It Was A Little Bit Too Doughy’: Tiktoker’s Review Of Pizza From Zabot The ‘Pizza Robot’ Goes Viral

Recently, a pizza vending machine popped up in a parking lot in Southfield, Michigan.

Called the “ZaBot,” the self-proclaimed “pizza robot” claims to produce hot pizza in just three minutes, per the company’s website. The robot also says that it is “available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.”

“Each of [the] machines contains two pizza ovens that cook your pizza on the bottom and top, so you get perfect crust, tantalizing cheese, and your choice of toppings – all in as little as 3 minutes,” the website claims.

Now, a TikToker has ventured out to Southfield to try it for herself. In a video with 14,000 views, TikTok user Bonnie (@bonnie.babyyyy) introduces viewers to the machine, concluding her video with her review of the pizza.

In summary, she says she enjoyed the experience of getting a pizza in three minutes but thought the final result was too doughy. She also expressed disappointment that the pizza did not come pre-sliced.

“It was a little bit too doughy for my liking so your girl really ain’t in no rush to go back,” she details.

Still, she notes that “the concept is dope,” concluding that “for a pizza to be available 24/7 I’m NOT mad at it.”

“This is open 24/7 … Soo this perfect for a late night snack when you got the munchies,” she added in comments. “Pizza all night? That’s dope.”

Other commenters said they were excited to check out the ZaBot.

“I’m glad you checked this out! Now I want to,” wrote a commenter.

“That’s so cool!” agreed another.

“I do like the concept! I think they should put the next one next to a bar,” offered a third.

That said, some said the prospect of doughy pizza dissuaded them from visiting the robot.

“I gotta go try it but doughy pizza sounds awful,” stated a user.

“I went. Hard no,” claimed a second.

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