ITV World Cup Pundit Nadia Nadim Forced Off Air After Mother Was Killed

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A World Cup pundit has revealed that she left ITV's coverage of a live game after learning her mother had been killed by a truck.

Nadia Nadim, 34, was part of the British network's broadcast of the 0-0 draw between Denmark and Tunisia on Tuesday (November 22) when she heard the devastating news.

The footballer was missing from the panel at the final whistle, with co-host Mark Pougatch telling people that she had been forced to leave the broadcast without elaborating.

On Wednesday (November 23), the Danish international player took to social media to reveal that her mother, Hadima Nadim, had been fatally hit by a truck while returning home from the gym.

Read Nadim's tweet below:

The Racing Louisville FC player tweeted: "(On) Tuesday morning my mother was killed by a truck. She was on her way back from the gym."

"Words cannot describe what I’m feeling. I have lost the most important person in my life and it happened so suddenly and unexpected. She was only 57," she continued. "She was a warrior who had fought for every inch of her life."

"She didn’t give me life once but twice, and everything I/we are is because of her. I have lost my home and I know nothing’s gonna ever feel the same. Life is unfair and I don’t understand why her and why this way. I love you and I will see you again," she added.

According to the Danish newspaper, Horsens Folkeblad, Nadia's mother was struck by a digger in Uldum, Denmark. Police believe Hadima was killed instantly after the driver, a 31-year-old man, failed to see her and hit her from behind. An investigation is now underway.

Following the tragic news, ITV shared their condolences to Nadim on Twitter, writing: "Everyone at ITV, those working with Nadia in Qatar, and the wider company, is deeply shocked and saddened by this tragic news."

"We have offered Nadia our support and our thoughts are with her and those closest to her at this incredibly difficult time," the spokesperson added.

Born in Herat in the northeast of Afghanistan, the former PSG player was raised in the country until her father, Rabani, an army general, was executed by the Taliban in 2000. He was taken to the desert by the group and never seen or heard from again.

After, her mother and four sisters moved from house to house for three years, living in fear for their lives, before eventually fleeing the country after finding out their father had been killed.

Nadim's mother sold everything before taking a flight to Italy, and then eventually settling in Denmark. At age 11, the young player discovered football after seeing a group of girls playing it over a fence.

Soon, she made the local team - despite not speaking any English or Danish - and within three months and she was invited to play her first match.

In 2009, she debuted for the Danish senior national team as the first-ever non-Danish-born member, playing for the country almost 100 times in her international career.

The international star has also played for the French league team, Paris Saint-German, and has also played for the British football team Manchester City. She now plays for the National Women's Soccer League in the United States for Racing Louisville FC.

Our thoughts are with Nadim's family at this time.

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