‘Every Time I Get A Bad Customer My Name Is Sabrina’: Worker Suggests Using Aliases On The Job To Protect Them From Customers

A worker suggests using an alias at work to avoid unsatisfied customers “looking them up,” sparking discussion in a now-viral TikTok video.

In the video posted by TikToker Jovon Ruth (@antiflexington) on Nov. 3, she says that the “workplace should evolve into a space where we are using aliases.”

“Like, If someone’s not satisfied with my service, they can go look me up and torture my family because they know my real name. Because they didn’t get what they want,” Ruth says in the clip.

The caption reads, “My name would be ‘Barb Jenkins.'”

The video has reached over 251,000 views as of Tuesday, with many commenters sharing that they have used aliases to avoid “abusive” customers.

“I haven’t used my legal name in any workplace ever since I was stalked by a customer. I refuse to wear a name tag,” one user wrote.

“Listen, every time I get a bad customer my name is Sabrina,” another said.

“Yep I got my company to start doing this, we had callers verbally abusing associates just based off their name,” a third added.

However, others said that their companies don’t allow them to go by an alias at work, even when dealing with angry customers.

“I had 2 bank jobs were they said we have to give our full name if asked. We could get in trouble if we refused. I got in trouble so many times,” a commenter said.

“I tried going by a different name at one of my fast food jobs and I got in trouble, like the customers are gonna know?? Who cares,” another shared.

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