Woman Marries Step-Brother Despite 'Judgement' From Friends

A woman has defended her decision to marry her step-brother despite facing criticism from her friends.
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Matilda Eriksson, 23, from Espoo, Finland, met her step-sibling and husband Samuli, 27, when her mom wed his dad in 2019.

Speaking to Yahoo News, she explained how even though they were at their parent's wedding when they first spoke, that didn't stop them from sparking a romantic connection of their own.

When Samuli made a move and went in for a kiss a few years later, she didn't hesitate to respond.

"I responded right away with passion," Matilda said, adding: "It took us two weeks to start dating after that and he basically moved in with me right away. It felt good and natural immediately."

Despite their intense chemistry, Matilda admitted that the start of their romance was not easy. "I was confused and in love at the same time and honestly I really didn't know what to do. Thinking about the fact that he still is my step-brother and also I thought about other people's opinions," she recalled.

She went on to explain how some of their friends were judgemental about the relationship, which they felt strangely about because Matilda and Samuli were still step-siblings.

"Some of our friends were first a bit doubtful and [were] kind of judging. I think it was because of the confusion that someone I called stepbrother has to now be called my boyfriend," she said.

Despite this, the couple eventually found peace after consulting their parents and gaining their blessing.

Matilda in particular said that it was her mom's advice that led her to pursue a married life with her step-brother.

"My mom told me to do whatever I felt was the most right in that moment, putting everything else aside and to follow my heart, and that led me to marry Samuli," she said.

After proposing to each other, the happy couple tied the knot earlier this year in July 2022. They were able to celebrate with all their friends and family, who eventually warmed to the relationship after seeing how right Matilda and Samuli were for each other.

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