‘I’ve Been To Multiple Wingstops, They Try To Act Like They Don’t Got It’: Customer Shares Hack To Getting $5 Meal For Wingstop

A TikToker claimed he found the perfect budget fast-food meal.

In a video posted on Sept. 21, TikToker Jake (@jsantanaback) films his lunch from Wingstop, which consists of chicken tenders, an order of fries, and a drink. He shows two different orders of this meal, claiming both cost $5. He challenges his viewers to find a better deal.

In the video, Jake shows off the food while he says: “$5 at Wingstop right now. You get the drink, you get the fries, … and then you get three tenders.”

He also claims the meal is available at all Wingstop locations.

“I’ve been to multiple Wingstops, they try to act like they don’t got it,” he says. “You tell them that they do, they check their computer, and they got it.”

The video went viral, accumulating over 273,000 viewers, and caused a discussion in the comments.

“Me eating my $21 door dash order from wing stop while watching this,” one commenter said.

“Damn i just spent 14$ for a 8 wing meal,” another said.

Many commenters didn’t believe Jake and challenged him to prove the $5 tender meal really exists.

“Vid of you ordering it?” one commenter asked.

“Capppppppppp show us the receipt” another commenter demanded.

This resulted in Jake posting a follow-up TikTok, in which he filmed himself ordering the $5 meal. He also showcases the receipt in the video. His total for three Korean barbecue tenders, french fries with cajun seasoning and parmesan, as well as a 20-ounce beverage comes out to $5.52 after tax.

This order, and his orders in the original video, came with four tenders instead of the three he ordered. A viewer shared why this might be. “You get 4 tenders instead of 3 sometimes because some of the tenders are smaller so we give you an extra,” one apparent Wingstop worker commented

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