‘How Did They Mess Up This Bad’: Wingstop Customer Receives Every Container Filled With Ranch After Ordering 4 Boxes Of Chicken

A user on TikTok has gone viral after claiming that, after ordering “4 boxes of chicken” from Wingstop, they received 4 takeaway containers full of ranch dressing via Uber Eats.

In a video with over 198,000 views, TikToker TeeCee (@authenticteecee) shows the containers, each of which is filled with several small tubs of ranch dressing.

“The bad part is, I don’t really know if I’m mad or kind of excited about it,” TeeCee jokes.

At the end of the video, she shows what she says was her order. While the order does contain two large sides of ranch, it also contains two 15 piece meals—which TeeCee claims she did not receive.

TeeCee also says in the video that there is a possibility that someone recognized the name on her order and intentionally gave her a lot of ranch. TeeCee’s TikTok page features many highly-viewed food-related videos, with some prominently featuring over-the-top foods like cheesy ramen with ranch, honey, and blue Takis.

She questioned in the caption how the workers could have “messed up this bad.”

In the comments section, users speculated about other ways this may have happened.

“I think the driver forgot your other bag,” wrote one user.

“Yo driver stole the chicken,” offered another.

Other users told their own stories of delivery mix-ups.

“This happened to me before! It wasnt Wingstop but it was a different restaurant. Send me a bunch of butter and jelly girl! And spoons!” recalled a commenter.

“Nah, they in cahoots with drivers or something,” added a second. “I ordered a 50 piece family meal, and there was no chicken in the bag. Like how?!”

That said, some additional users said they wouldn’t mind having that much Wingstop ranch.

“A Win is a Win,” declared a commenter.

“Wing stop ranch be hiting different its better than any fast food ranch,” stated a further TikToker.

“Fact,” wrote TeeCee in response.

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