‘It’s Life-changing’: Texas Woman Shares Hack For $3 Chicken Salad From Whataburger

Food hacks are one of the most popular videos on TikTok. Most of these videos consist of advice on how to get food for a cheaper price. In a viral TikTok video, a woman shares a chicken salad hack from Whataburger for her Texas followers.

The video was uploaded by user @cosemetic_talks. She mainly posts makeup content and the occasional food hack. This TikTok is a food hack on how to get a chicken salad from Whataburger for $3. The video only features @cosemtic_talks as she sits in her car. “If you’re from Texas and you love Whataburger and you’re on a diet, make sure to order a grilled chicken patty with lettuce and tomato on the side,” the content creator tells her 31,000 followers. She recommends ordering this because it comes out to $3 instead of ordering a boneless burger because it will be “6, 7 bucks.”

The video racked up over 407,000 views as of Thursday, with many viewers praising @cosemtic_talks for this trick.

“Love this!!!!! Thank you for sharing,” one viewer praised.

“What??? I’m totally going to do this!!” a second wrote.

“I started doing the no bun thing at Whataburger.. because I’m trying to cut bread off aaaand it’s life changing also thanks for the tip,” a third complimented.

Even an apparent Whataburger employee approved of this tip, writing, “whataburger employee, and I approve this message just order the patty by itself. lettuce & tomato are free!”

However, there were people who were less enthusiastic, criticizing the hack.

“That is the saddest meal from Whataburger,” one person said.

“No one is on a diet in Texas, we do have food,” a second criticized.

“The point of going to Whataburger is to break the diet,” a third stated.

There were some who attempted this hack and it didn’t work.

“I did that, and they say they don’t do that. that I have to buy the Burger with no bun,” one commented.

“It only worked once for me. Then the manager caught on and charged me the whole meal,” a second shared.

“Girl they charged me almost $6 for that last time. I was so tempted to just get a dang meal,” a third complained.

@cosemtic_talks clarified in the comments on how to use this hack, writing, “U have to ask for a grilled chicken patty with lettuce and tomato on the side. Do not ask for a bunless burger.”

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