‘Can’t Believe This Is How Ppl Are Still Acting Over A Drink’: Customer Allegedly Tells Hispanic Whataburger Worker To ‘go Back To Mexico’

A Hispanic Whataburger worker says a customer told her to “go back to Mexico” in a video that surpassed 1.3 million views on TikTok. The altercation allegedly started over a drink.

In the video, the customer, who seems to be on the phone with another person, asks the cashier, Andrea (@dr3aanails), what her name is. It seems like the altercation is already underway as the woman says to the person on the other line, who is asking if the worker is “the manager,” “She’s hurt; she’s hurt right now.”

“Because you’re racist,” Andrea says back.

The woman denies this, telling the worker she’s merely “ugly to people when they’re ugly to me.”

“Do I need to say it again? You just told me to go back to Mexico,” Andrea says.

The customer then lists off a few common Hispanic last names, like Valdez, attempting to guess the worker’s name. “You’re getting on my nerves now,” she says to Andrea.

“You’ve been getting on mine,” Andrea shoots back.

The customer then asks for the “main number” to get in touch with someone in an apparent attempt to tell on Andrea. “Look it up!” Andrea tells her.

In the caption of the video, Andrea reiterated the woman allegedly told her to “‘Go back to Mexico or wherever you came from.’”

“I was not rude at all prior to her being racist. Can’t believe this is how ppl are still acting over a drink,” she added.

In the comments section, users discussed how people feel entitled in fast-food establishments, as they are seemingly under the impression fast-food workers’ jobs are on the line. Many argued this is not the case, with workers chiming in to confirm as much.

“People act like we’re so scared to lose our retail/fast food jobs as if they are our lifelong dreams. Those jobs are a dime a dozen lol let them call,” one user said.

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