‘When Customers Think You Won’t Go Off Because You’re Manager’: Wendy’s Manager Goes Off On Customer While Wearing Crocs In ‘Sports Mode’

A Wendy’s manager was filmed going off on a customer. While it’s unclear what behavior from the customer prompted the manager’s response, the worker noted in the text that just because he was a manager at the time doesn’t mean he was above giving customers the same energy they gave to him.

“When customers think you won’t go off because you’re manager,” the text overlay of the video, viewed over 33,000 times and posted by @reeek.havo, reads.

@reeek.havo clarified this incident happened long before it was shared and that he longer works at Wendy’s.

“Since you want to throw shit, I can throw stuff, too,” the former Wendy’s manager says to the customer in the video. “I don’t know who you think you are, but I’m not your servant. I’m not your slave, or nothing; I’m not your little boy; I’m not your son, … so you won’t be throwing anything at me. You wouldn’t have done shit to me if I was your grandchild. So take your card, and get the fuck out of my line. Bye!”

Several commenters expressed support for the former manager, with one even suggesting that the approach should be more commonly used for misbehaving customers.

“He should train everyone that works with the public,” one commenter wrote. “We need this energy with customers that don’t know how to act.”

Others offered additional critiques of customers who were less than polite to those in the service industry. “I’m so tired of people treating workers like they aren’t human,” one commenter wrote. “If you can’t come respectfully order off DoorDash or something like for real.”

One viewer was distracted by the manager’s attire, pointing out how he was wearing his Crocs in “sports mode,” or with the strap around the ankle. “He threw his Crocs into sport mode for that,” the top comment on the video reads.

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