‘Nice Reminder Of Why I Was Leaving’: Wells Fargo Worker Doesn’t Get Goodbye Potluck On Her Way Out Like All The Other Workers Do

A Wells Fargo employee’s TikTok video about her co-workers not hosting a goodbye potluck for her—apparently out of line with standard practices—has sparked discussion on the platform, where some viewers shared their similar experiences of feeling underappreciated.

Posted by @angel.baaby209, the video shows her eating alone in a break room, with a text overlay on the video elaborating on the issue.

“When (you’re) the only one who hasn’t gotten a goodbye potluck lmao nice reminder of why I’m leaving I was never appreciated and never recognized for all the hard work I did,” the text overlay on the video reads.

Viewers who empathized with @angel.baaby209 shared their own experiences of feeling taken for granted by at work.

“One time my coworker got everyone Starbucks but me,” one commenter wrote. “Even after they told me text her your order. She ‘forgot.'”

“Everyone else’s birthday was celebrated BUT mine,” another commenter wrote.

“My boss demanded that I come in on the day of my aunt’s funeral (I didn’t) while others got food and flowers sent to them when they lost loved ones,” a commenter wrote.

Others encouraged the poster that there are better things ahead of her once she leaves her workplace.

“I remember the day I left nobody said a word to me,” a commenter wrote. “But when I walked out of those doors I felt a wave of relief and happiness. You’ll be okay.”

“I’m sorry!” another commenter wrote. “You deserve better and deserved to be recognized!”

“Same thing happened to me and now I’m working for a company that treats me (a thousand times) better,” a commenter wrote. “It can get better.”

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