‘You Might Wanna Check Your App Because They Still Scan That Price’: Walmart Grocery Delivery Accidentally Sends Customer $70 Worth Of Sliced Turkey Meat

A TikToker called out Walmart for delivering massive quantities of sliced deli turkey after she claims to have only ordered half a pound of the stuff. Instead, the food chain brought $69.55 worth of meat to her house.

The TikTok opens up with Jessica Griffin’s (@peaceandblues527) camera pointed at two fat stacks of sliced turkey. She says in the video: “No way in fuck Walmart grocery delivery just brought me all this fucking turkey. I ordered a half a pound; look at this shit.”

She wrote in a caption, “Damn wal-mart. looks like were eating this for thanksgiving”

Griffin’s video was viewed over 3,000 times. TikTokers who saw Jessica’s post speculated Walmart was at fault for the mistake, remarking that they’ve also had issues with the store’s app. Some wondered why the chain charged so much for the amount of turkey she received; others wanted to know who in the heck would need that much sliced deli meat at once, to begin with.

“$70 for that little amount?!” one questioned.

“I wonder if it was a glitch in their system. This happened to me last week w/ all the lunchmeat I had in my cart. I caught it before I checked out,” another said.

“I stopped using pickup when I ordered a Covid test but they were out so they gave me pregnancy tests instead!” a third remembered.

“That’s why I continue to use Walmart delivery. They mess up and it’s always good,” another said.

Others made suggestions for Griffin’s next steps.

“Do a return and they’ll give you the money back and let you keep it because it’s perishable,” one suggested.

There were some who warned the TikToker against consuming the deli meat and referred them to a recent listeria outbreak linked to sliced meats, as reported by the CDC.

If Walmart’s to blame for the ordering snafu, it wouldn’t be the first time glitches were reported on Walmart’s website. In March of 2022, it was reported that tons of different items were being sold off at ridiculously low prices, igniting mass purchases from frenzied consumers looking to secure goods at a cheap price for their own consumption or so they could flip them for a profit. A similar phenomena occurred just a few months prior to that, toward the end of October in 2021 as well.

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