‘Imagine Actually Taking A 15 Minute Break’: Walmart Worker Complains About Short 15-minute Breaks On The Job

If you have worked in retail, you probably know how valuable breaks are — and how they rarely feel long enough.

One Walmart worker named Roscoe (@roscoe_miloo) joked about how short his breaks are in a viral TikTok video.

In the video, Roscoe sits down in what appears to be a Walmart break room and gets ready to open a bag of chips. Just as he gets comfortable, an alarm on his phone goes off, signaling that his break is already over. The video’s on-screen text explains the scenario, saying, “Walmart 15-minute breaks be like.”

“Y’all know how it go fr,” Roscoe wrote in the video’s caption.

Viewers sympathized with the TikToker, and several comments claiming to be Walmart workers said they take longer breaks because 15 minutes isn’t enough.

“Nahh I take 20 min breaks and imma keep doing It till somebody say something,” one viewer commented.

“Nah you tweakin 2 bathroom breaks, walking the store twice, then 30 min break,” a second viewer commented.

Another said, “imagine actually taking a 15 minute break.”

“Nah cause i was that employee that didn’t give a damn imma finish my snack,” one viewer wrote.

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