‘Ewww I’m So Uncomfortable’: Cracker Barrel Waitress Accidentally Calls Out Manager Who Called Her Voice ‘Sexy’

A TikToker says that her manager said her voice was “sexy”—and then the TikToker accidentally texted her manager instead of her boyfriend about how creepy it was.

In a TikTok posted on Oct. 9 by Vicky (@vicky.x0xo), the TikToker says that during her “last day” at Cracker Barrel, her manager “said [her] raspy voice sounded sexy,” and that she was “creeped out.” When she went to text her boyfriend about the situation, she accidentally texted her manager instead.

“[My boyfriend] wasn’t replying to I was like wtf and I went and checked my messages,” Vicky wrote in her video’s overlay text. “And I had sent the texts to my manager.”

Vicky shows a screenshot of the messages she sent to her manager thinking she sent them to her boyfriend.

“Eww bro my manager Richard said my voice sounds sexy like this. I said ewww I’m so uncomfortable rn,” Vicky texted. “I was like that’s so weird.”

On Monday, Vicky’s video had over 362,000 views on TikTok.

In a comment on her video, Vicky said that her manager, Richard, never responded to her texts and that after she sent the texts, she worked the rest of her shift.

“I know he saw [the texts],” Vicky wrote. “He was in a bad mood all day.” She also commented that her manager tried to talk with her when she was on her break, but she was on the phone and “ignored him.”

Commenters on Vicky’s video told her to not feel bad about the incident because her manager should not have called her voice “sexy.”

“You shouldn’t be embarrassed,” @issalllgood commented. “He should be that he said that.”

“He shouldn’t have said that,” @desiibopp wrote.

“Girl he should be embarrassed,” @oaknely commented.

And to those that doubted her story, Vicky commented that it really happened.

“I wish it wasn’t true,” Vicky commented.

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