Denise Richards, Husband Aaron Phypers Shot At During Road Rage Incident

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Denise Richards was involved in a life-threatening road rage incident on Monday.

The actress, 51, was on her way to Popsicle Studio in Los Angeles with her husband Aaron Phypers, 50, when another vehicle opened fire at them, per TMZ.

The star's husband, who was in the driver's seat at the time, was reportedly looking to park when another road user lost patience.

TMZ reports that Aaron was having a tough time trying to find a parking spot, so the driver behind them began shouting and attempting to squeeze in front.
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The ordeal wasn't over when the actress's husband allowed the impatient driver to pass. Instead, he shot at their vehicle, hitting the back end on the driver's side.

Luckily, nobody was injured during the incident and the two, albeit a bit shaken up, continued on their way to the set of Angels Fallen: Warriors of Peace, with the actress proceeding to work a 12-hour day.

Aaron stayed with his wife throughout the day, before an off-duty cop escorted the couple onto the freeway so they could make their way home.

The incident was reported to the police when Denise arrived on set, however, it is unclear as to whether the scene was attended or a report taken.

Denise and Aaron, who started dating at the end of 2017, tied the knot in Malibu in 2018. The Love Accidentally actress had previously been married to Charlie Sheen for four years between 2002 and 2006. The former couple share two daughters - Sam and Lola Rose.
Credit: Media Punch / Alamy
TMZ also reported that a gun safety meeting took place on set that day, which could be purely coincidental.

In the aftermath of last year's tragedy on the set of the movie Rust - where cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was fatally shot after a prop gun being held by actor Alec Baldwin discharged - it is good to see gun safety taking priority on TV and film sets.

Last week, it was reported that the 30 Rock star, 64, had filed his own lawsuit in the deadly incident, in a bid "to clear his name," as he had been "wrongfully viewed as the perpetrator", per the filing.

"This tragedy occurred on a movie set – not a gun range, not a battlefield, not a location where even a remote possibility should exist that a gun would contain live ammunition," the suit read.

"More than anyone else on that set, Baldwin has been wrongfully viewed as the perpetrator of this tragedy. By these cross-claims, Baldwin seeks to clear his name," it continued.

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