‘I Didn’t Think To Ask What It Was Wet With’: Convenience Store Worker Says Customer Paid In Urine-Soaked Cash

A convenience store worker says a customer handed her urine-soaked bills in a now-viral TikTok, asking viewers what she should do about the contaminated money.

In the video posted by Tiffany (@thexslurpeexprincess) on Oct. 30, she says that the customer “apologized” for the “wet” money before handing her the bills, not disclosing the liquid that was on them.

“I just had a customer come in, and she spent $20.52,” Tiffany recalls. “She goes to hand me the money and says, ‘I apologize, but it’s wet.’ I’m like, that’s fine I’ll just set it out of the drawer until it dries. I didn’t think to ask what it was wet with.”

Tiffany then shows the bills sitting on a piece of paper, saying that they “reek of urine.”

“I have tried to wash my hands twice now. My hands still smell like urine. And I don’t know what to do with it,” she says.

The caption reads, “In the YEARS I’ve done customer service and cashier duties, I’ve never had this happen.”

The video has amassed over 61,200 views as of Nov. 9, with users sharing how they handle contaminated money at their workplaces.

“I worked at a compost facility and we would find money more often than not, we would pressure wash it and use it to buy lunch,” one user shared.

“At circle k we put them in a bucket of soap water,” another said.

“Drop it in safe and then wash u hands real good several times and then wipe the counter with bleach wipes and sanitize it and spray your register,” a third added.

In a comment, Tiffany says that her boss eventually “bleach bathed” the contaminated bills.

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