‘I Don’t Want A Refund I Want My Fkg Burger!!!!!’: Customer Shares ‘Hack’ For When ‘Uber Eats F*cks Your Order Up’

While food delivery apps may be convenient, they certainly aren’t perfect. From long waits to questionable deliveries, numerous issues still plague apps like UberEats and DoorDash, and, frequently, solutions to these issues are few and far between.

One such issue is incorrect orders. Typically, if you place an order with UberEats, and the restaurant fills it incorrectly, Uber Eats will simply refund you for the incorrect portion of the order, not including delivery fees. Now, a user on TikTok has gone viral for their solution to this issue.

“What you do is tell UberEats—not that you received a partial order, but that you received someone else’s order,” TikToker Mike (@mike.balint) explains. “If you click that you received someone else’s order, then you get a full refund, and then reorder the shit that you need, so you’re not getting fucked.”

The video currently has over 335,000 views.

Earlier in the video, Mike notes that utilizing this method fixes what he thinks is faulty logic on the part of Uber Eats.

“What they should do [instead of refunding] is send someone to go get those items for free,” he says, “Because if you reorder those items, it costs you more than the refund amount with the delivery fee and the tip and all that other bullshit.”

In a follow-up, he explains that the “hack” does not impact drivers, only the restaurant that messed up the order in the first place.

In the comments section, some users supported the idea.

“It’s not a lie technically either. Are things missing? Yes? Then it isn’t my order,” wrote a commenter.

Mike responded to this comment, writing, “You’re right but I have no remorse stretching the truth to make sure Uber provides me with the customer service THEY SHOULD HAVE in the first place!”

“Thats genius!” exclaimed another. “One time i was Craving a burger, got everything EXCEPT MY DAMN BURGER no uber i dont want a refund I WANT MY FKG BURGER!!!!!”

“Omg yes. Like i dont want the money i want my food,” echoed a third. “If items are missing then DELIVER THEM.”

Others warned Mike and any viewers watching that using the hack can backfire.

“The thing is people will use this to scam and ruin it for everyone,” shared a user.

“Lmao they don’t do this after a while they tell you your order is none refundable,” claimed a second.

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